How to Get a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon in Illinois

The second amendment of the constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. All United States citizens have the right to own a firearm set within the specific parameters of the law. Gun laws are both state and federal issues. By federal law, those who have been convicted of a felony, or those who are found to be mentally incompetent are unable to hold weapons. Standards for the types of guns that can be owned and how they can be carried and handled are created by the different states of the union. Illinois has its own gun laws for the issuance of weapons and the ability to carry weapons for all who reside in the state.

Carrying a Weapon in Illinois

Illinois is the only state in the Union to possess some of the weapon laws that it has. Under current law, carrying a concealed weapon in the state of Illinois is illegal. Carrying a weapon in Illinois is not possible as it regards to firearms. Being caught in possession of a concealed firearm in the state of Illinois is a felony that can lead to fines and a prison sentence.

In the state of Illinois, you can transport a weapon to and from your place of residence as long as you follow the state ordinance codes for firearm transportation. Firearms in transport in the state of Illinois must be broken down so that they are in a non-functioning state, including having all ammunition removed and carried separately. Firearms must also be placed in a protective case or container and cannot be immediately accessible to be made functional by the weapon owner or anyone else.

Possible Changes in the Law

All other states in the United States have a permit to carry statutes and laws on the books. The Illinois government is currently under pressure to change the laws for concealed carry weapons. In December of 2012, the federal appeals court overturned the Illinois law banning carrying a concealed weapon in the state. The state of Illinois is now in the process of passing and signing into law legislation that will make concealed carry law legal. There have been several extensions granted for the creation of the law, and though there is legislation on the table for the governor to sign as of June 2013, the fight seems to be far from over. Being the last state in the Union to ban the carrying of guns in public seems to be coming to a close for Chicago, however, the laws and restrictions that are passed will certainly be worth watching.

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