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In practice. The confirming, or ratifying a former law, or judgment. Cowell; Blount __ The confirmation and ratification by an ap- |f| pcllate court of a judgment, order, or decree of a lower court brought before it for review. See AFFIRM. A dismissal of an appeal for want of prosecution is not an “allirmance” of the judgment. Drummond v. Husson, 14 N. Y. (iO. The ratification or confirmation of a voidable contract or act by tlie party who is to be bound thereby. The term is in accuracy to be distinguished from ratification, which is a recognition of the validity or binding force as against the party ratifying, of some act performed by another person; and from confirmation, which would seem to apply more properly to cases where a doubtful authority has been exercised by another in behalf of the person ratifying; but these distinctions are not generally observed with much care. Bouvier.

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