A yielding up of an estate for life or years to him who has an im- mediate estate in reversion or remainder, by which the lesser estate is merged in the greater by mutual agreement. Co. Litt. 3376. And see Coe v. Hobby, 72 N. Y. 145, 28 Am. Rep. 120; Gluck v. Baltimore, SI Md. 315, 32 Atl. 515, 48 Am. St. Rep. 515; Brewer v. National Union Bldg. Ass’n, 100 111. 221, 46 N. E. 752; Dayton v. Craik, 20 Minn. 133, .1 N. W. S13; Bobertson v. Wiuslow, 99 Mo. App. 540, 72 S. W. 442. An assurance restoring or yielding up an estate, the operative verbs being “surrender and yield up.” The term is usually applied , to the giving up of a lease before the expiration of it. Wharton. the giving up by bail of their principal into custody, in their own discharge. 1 Burrill, Pr. 394. Of charter. A corporation created by charter may give up or “surrender” its char ter to the people, unless the charter was granted under a statute, imposing indefeasible duties on the bodies to which it applies. Grant, Corp. 45.

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