What is SPECIE?

1. Coin of the precious metals, of a certain weight and fineness, and bearing the stamp of the government, denoting its value as currency. Trebilcock v. Wilson, 12 Wall. 005, 20 L. Ed. 400; Walkup v. Houston, 05 N. C. 501; Ilenry v. Bank of Salina, 5 Hill (N. Y.) 530. 2. When spoken of a contract, the expression “performance in specie” means strictly, or according to the exact terms. As applied to tilings, it signifies individuality or identity. Thus, on a bequest of a specific picture, the legatee would be said to be en- titled to the delivery of the picture in specie; i. e., of the very thing. Whether a thing is due in genere or in specie depends, in each case, on the will of the transacting parties. Brown.

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