A money ver diet the amount of which is fixed by the fol- lowing process: Each juror writes down the sum he wishes to award by the verdict: these amounts are all added together, and the total is divided by twelve, (the number of the jurors,) and the quotient stands as the verdict of the jury by their agreement. See Hamilton v. Owego Waterworks, 22 App Div. 573, 4S N. Y. Supp. 100; Moses v. Railroad Co., 3 Misc. Rep. 322, 23 N. Y. Supp. 23. Quoties dubia interpretatio libertatis est, secundum libertatem respondendum erit. Whenever the interpretation of liberty is doubtful, the answer should be on the side of liberty. Dig. 50, 17, 20. Quoties idem sermo duas sententias exprimit, ea potissimum excipiatur, quae rei gerendse aptior est. Whenever the same language expresses two meanings that should be adopted which is the better fitted for carrying out the subject-matter. Dig. 50, 17, 67. Quoties in stipulationibus ambigua oratio est, commodissimum est id accipi quo res de qua agitur in tuto sit. Whenever the language of stipulations is ambiguous, it is most fitting that that [sensel should be taken by which the subject-matter may be protected. Dig. 45. 1, SO. Quoties in verbis nulla est ambiguitas, ibi nulla expositio contra verba fiends est. Co. Litt. 147. When in the QUOTUPLEX 988

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