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to public notice, or reuderiug it accessible to public scrutiny. 2. As descriptive of tlie publishing of laws and ordinances, “publication” means printing or otherwise reproducing copies of them and distributing them in such a manner as to make their contents easily accessible to the public; it forms no part of the enactment of the law. “Promulgation,” ou the other hand, seems to denote the proclamation or announcement of the edict or statute as a preliminary to its acquiring the force aud operation of law. But the two terms are ofteu used interchaugeably. Chicago v. McCoy, 136 111. 344, 26 N. E. 363, 11 L. R. A. 413 ; Sholes v. State, 2 Pin. (Wis.) 499. 3. The formal declaration made by a testator at the time of signing his will that it is his last will aud testament. 4 Kent, Comm. 515, and note. In re Simpson, 56 How. Prac. (N. Y.) 134; Comptou v. Mitton, 12 N. J. Law, 70; Lewis v. Lewis, 13 Barb. (N. Y.) 23. 4. In the law of libel, publication denotes the act of making the defamatory matter known publicly, of disseminating it, or communicating it to one or more persons. Wilcox v. Moon, 63 Vt. 481, 22 Atl. 80; Sproul v. Pillsbury, 72 Me. 20; Gambrill v. Schooley, 93 Md. 4S, 48 Atl. 730, 52 L. It. A. 87, 86 Am. St. Rep. 414. 5. In the practice of the states adopting the reformed procedure, aud iu some others, publication of a summons is the process of giving it currency as au advertisement in a newspaper, under the conditions prescribed by law, as a means of giving notice of the suit to a defendant upon whom personal service cannot be made. 6. In equity practice. The making public the depositions taken in a suit, which have previously been kept private in the ollice of the examiner. Publication is said to pass wheu the depositions are so made public, or openly shown, and copies of them given out, in order to the hearing of the cause. 3 Bl. Comm. 450. 7. In copyright law. The act of making public a book, writing, chart, map, etc.; that is, offering or communicating it to the public by the sale or distribution of copies. Keene v. Wheatley, 14 Fed. Cas. ISO; Jewelers’ Mercantile Agency v. Jewelers’ Weekly Pub. Co., 155 N. Y. 241, 49 N. E. 872, 41 L R. A. 846, 63 Am. St. Rep. 606.

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