I,at. Principal; a principal debtor; a principal in a crime. Principalis deket semper excuti ante- quam per.cniatizr ad fidcijussores. The principal should always be exhausted before coming upon the sureties. 2 lust. 19. Principia data sequuntur coacomitan- tia. Given principles are followed by their concomitants. Principia probant, non probantur. Principles prove; they are not proved. 3 Coke, 50u. Fundamental principles require no proof; or, in Lord Coke’s words, “they ought to be approved, because they cannot be proved.” Id. Principiis olbsta. Withstand beginnings; oppose a thing in its early stages, if you would do so with success. Principiorum non est ratio. There Is no reasoning of principles; no argument Is required to prove 1’uinlainental rules. 2 Bulst. 239. Principium est potinsima pars cujns- que rei. 10 Coke, 40. The principle of anything is its most powerful part.

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