What is POUND?

1. A place, inclosed by public authority, for the temporary detention of stray animals. Ilarrimau v. Fifield, 30 Vt. 345; Wooley v. Grotou, 2 Cush. (Mass.) 308. A pound-oicrf is said to be one that is open, overhead: a pound-cocert is one that is close, or colored over, such as a stable or other building. 2. A measure of weight. The pound avoirdupois contains 7,000 grains; the pound troy 5,700 grains. In New York, the unit or standard of weight, from which all other weights shall be derived and ascertained, is declared to be the pound, of such magnitude that the weight of a cubic foot of distilled water, at its maximum density, weighed in a vacuum with brass weights, shall be equal to sixty-two and a half such pounds. 1 Rev. St. N. Y. p. 017,

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