In the law relating to nuisances and similar matters, this term means noxious, causing annoyance, discomfort, or painful or disagreeable sensations. See Rowland v. Miller (Super. N. Y.) 15 N. Y. Supp. 701; Moller v. Presbyterian Hospital, 05 App. Div. 134, 72 N. Y. Supp. 4S3 ; Barrow v. Richard, 8 Paige (N. Y.) 300, 35 Am. Dec. 713. As occasionally used in criminal law and statutes, an “offensive weapon” is primarily one meant and adapted for attack and the infliction of injury, but practically the term includes anything that would come within the description of a “deadly” or “dangerous” weapon. See State v. Diueen, 10 Minn. 411 (Gil. 325); Rex v. Grice, 7 Car. & P. 803; Rex v. Noakes, 5 Car. & P. 320. In international law, an “offensive and defensive league” is one binding the contracting powers not only to aid each other In case of aggression upon either of them by a third power, but also to support and aid each other in active and aggressive measures against a power with which either of them may engage in war.

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