Lat. No goods. The name of the return made by the sheriff to a writ of execution, when he has not found any goods of the defendant within his jurisdiction on which he could levy. Woodward v. Harbin, 1 Ala. 108; Reed v. I.owe. 103 Mo. 519, 03 S. W. 687, 85 Am. St. Rep. 578; Langford v. Few, 146 Mo. 142, 47 S. W. 927, 69 Am. St. Rep. 606. Nulla curia quse recordum non habet potest imponere finem neqne aliquem mandare carccri; quia ista spectant tnn- tnmmodo ad curias de recordo. 8 Coke, 00. No court which has not a record can impose a fine or commit any person to prison ; because those powers belong only to courts of record. Nulla emptio sine pretio esse potest. There can be no sale without a price. Brown v. Bellows, 4 Pick. (Mass.) 189. Nulla impossibilia ant inhonesta sunt pra-sumenda; vera autem et honesta et possibilia. No things that are impossible or dishonorable are to be presumed; but things that are true and honorable and possible. Co. Litt. 78b. Nulla pactione effici potest nt dolus prsestetur. By no agreement can it be effected that a fraud shall be practiced. Fraud will not be upheld, though It may seem to be authorized by express agreement 6 Maule & S. 400; Broom, Max. 696. Nulla virtus, nulla scientia, locum suum et dignitatem conservare potest sine modestia. Co. Litt. 394. Without modesty, no virtue, no knowledge, can preserve its place and dignity. Nulle terre sans seigneur. No land without a lord. A maxim of feudal law. Guyot, Inst Feod. c. 28. Nulli enim res sua servit jnre servi- tutis. No one can have a servitude over his NULLITY 837 NULLUS DICITUR FELO own property. Dig. 8, 2, 2G; 2 Bouv. Inst, no. 1600; Grant v. Chase, 17 Muss. 443, 9 Am. Dec. 161.

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