What is LOQUELA?

Lat. A colloquy; talk. In old English law, this term denoted the oral altercations of the parties to a suit, which led to the issue, now called the “pleadings.” It also designated an “imparlance,” (q. v.,) both names evidently referring to tbe talking together of the parties. Loqucla sine die, a postponement to an indefinite time. Loquendnm ut vulgus; sentiendum ut docti. We must speak as the common people ; we must think as the learned. 7 Coke, 116. This maxim expresses the rule that, when words are used in a technical sense, they must be understood technically; otherwise, when they may be supposed to be used in their ordinary acceptation. LORD. In English law. A title of honor or nobility belonging properly to the degree of baron, but applied also to the LORD 738

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