What is LOAN?

A bailment without reward ; consisting of the delivery of an article by the owner to another person, to be used by the latter gratuitously, and returned either in specie or in kind. A sum of money confided to another. Ramsey v. Whitbeck. 81 III. App. 210; Xylitols v. Pearson, 7 Pet. 109, S L. Ed. 023; Rodman v. Munson, 13 I’ ah. (X. Y.) 75; Booth v. Terrell. 10 Ga. 25; Payne v. Gardiner, 29 N. Y. 107. A loan of money is a contract by which one delivers a sum of money to another, and the latter agrees to return at a future time a sum equivalent to that which he borrowed. Civ. Code Cal.

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