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Ill conduct; improper or unlawful behavior. Verdicts are sometimes set aside on the ground of misbehavior of jurors. Smith v. Cutler, 10 Wend. (N. Y.) 590, 25 Am. Dec. 580; Turnbull v.


which was commonly used to be given by the ordinary to such condemned malefactors as were allowed the benefit of clergy; whence it is also called the “psalm of mercy.” Wharton.


L. Fr. In old practice. To put before; to present before a court; to produce iu court.


To alter; to change in incidental or subordinate features. See MODIFICATION.


A special treatise upon a particular subject of limited range; a treatise or commentary upon a particular branch or division of a general subject


A sum due by law or usage for mooring or fastening of ships to trees or posts at the shore, or to a wharf. Wharf Case, 3 Bland (Md.) 373.


Mors omnia solvit. Death dissolves all things. Jenk. Cent p. 160, case 2. Applied to the case of the death of a party to an action.


MOTE. Sax. A meeting; an assembly. Used in composition, as burymote, folkmote, etc. -Mote-bell. The bell which was used by tlie Saxons to soinmon people to the court. Cowell.


Lat. (1) A woman; (2) a virgin; (3) a wife; (4) a legitimate child. I Inst. 243.


Lat In Roman law. A provincial person; a countryman. This was the designation of one born in the provinces or in a city politically connected with Rome, and who, having become a


A name given to the Issue of an Indian and a negro. Miller v. Dawson, Dud. (S. C.) 174.


Monastic habitation; perhaps the part of a monastery set apart for purposes of hospitality, or as a sanctuary for criminals. Anc. Inst. Eng. BL.LAW DTCT.(2D ED.)

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