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How To File A Labor Complaint

Filing a labor related complaint is a process that is determined by an individual’s specific area of concern. Filing a labor complaint is not restricted to the alleged victim of a workplace

How Does A Fingerprint Background Check Work?

Over the span of your lifetime, the local, state, and federal governments will accumulate information about you. (And we’re not talking about the information you share with Siri.) From details about your

How To Check For Unemployment Eligibility

If you have lost your job, you might be wondering if you qualify for unemployment compensation. A portion of your check and your employer’s income has been used to pay for unemployment

How To Sue For Wrongful Termination

After you have been fired from your job, you might wonder if the termination was illegal. Nowadays, workers have more ways to sue a company for improperly firing them. This is how

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go?

Background checks are intimidating – even for individuals with squeaky clean pasts – especially when housing or employment is conditioned on passing. How far back does a background check go? Will a

How To File For Unemployment Benefits Extension

Unemployment benefits are provided by the states, so the process of getting an unemployment benefits extension varies from state to state. Additionally, there are often two flavors of unemployment benefits – one

Federal Labor Laws For Salaried Employees

While labor laws for salaried employees are designed to afford the same sorts of protections and benefits to all American workers, the implementation of these protections differs depending on whether someone is

What are Employees’ Right to Stress Leave?

Stress is inevitable, especially the kind that stems from the workplace. Whether you have a major deadline coming up, or you are having a disagreement with a coworker, jobs can cause some

Florida Labor Laws About Break During Work

Under the Federal Laws of the United States, the government, through the Department of Labor, has not enacted any laws that require breaks during a work shift. There is only one regulation

Best Way to Get Extended Unemployment Benefits

In 2013, the Congress voted to extend the federal unemployment benefits to last through a full year. Whether or not you qualify for an unemployment extension varies depending on your state’s unemployment

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