What is JURAL?

1. Pertaining to natural or positive right, or to the doctrines of rights and obligations; as “jural relations.” 2. Of or pertaining to jurisprudence; juristic ; juridical. 3. Recognized or sanctioned by positive law; embraced within, or covered by, the rules and enactments of positive law. Thus, the “jural sphere” is to be distinguished from the “moral sphere;” the latter denoting the whole scope or range of ethics or the science of conduct, the former embracing only such portions of the same as have been made the subject of legal sanction or recognition. 4. Founded in law; organized upon the basis of a fundamental law, and existing for the recognition and protection of rights. Thus, the term “jural society” is used as the synonym of “state” or “organized political community.” JURAMENTUM. Lat. In the civil law. An oath.

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