What is JOURNAL?

A daily book; a book in which entries are made or events recorded from day to day. In maritime law, the journal (otherwise called “log” or “log-book”) is a book kept on every vessel, which contains a brief record of the events and occurrences of each day of a voyage, with the nautical observations, course of the ship, account of (he weather, etc. In the system of double- entry book-keeping, the journal is an account- book into which are transcribed, daily or at other Intervals, the items entered upon the day-book, for more convenient posting into the ledger. In the usage of legislative bodies, the journal is a daily record of the proceedings of either house. It is kept by the clerk, and in it are entered the appointments and actions of committees, introduction of bills, motions, votes, resolutions, etc., in the order of their occurrence. See Oakland Pav. Co. v. Hilton, G9 Cal. 479, 11 Pac. 3; Montgomery Beer Bottling Works v. Gaston, 120 Ala. 425, 28 Soutl> 497. 51 L R. A. 390. 85 Am. St. Rep. 42; Martin v. Com., 107 Pa. 190

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