What is GIVE?

1. To transfer or yield to, or bestow upon, another. One of the operativewords in deeds of conveyance of real property. importing at common law, a warranty orcovenant for quiet enjoyment during the lifetime of the grantor. Mack v. Patcliin, 29How. Prac. (X. Y.) 23; Young v. Hargrave. 7 Ohio. G9, pt. 2; Dow v. Lewis, 4 Gray (Mass.) 473.2. To bestow upon another gratuitously or without consideration.In their ordinary and familiar signification, the words “sell” and “give” have not thesame meaning, but are commonly used to express different modes of transferring the right to property from one person to another. “Tosell” means to transfer for a valuable consideration, while “to give” signifies to transfergratuitously, without any equivalent. Parkinson v. State, 14 Md. 184, 74 Am. Dec. 522.

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