What is GILD?

In Saxon law. A tax or tribute. Spelman.A fine, mulct, or amerciament; a satisfaction or compensation for an injury.A fraternity, society, or company of persons combined together, under certain regulations,and with the king’s license, and so called because its expenses were defrayedby the contributions (geld, gild) of its members. Spelman. In other words, acorporation; called, in Latin, “socictas” “collegium,” “fratria,” “fratcrnitas,” “sodalitium,””adu- natio;” and, in foreign law, “gililonia.” Spelman. There were various kinds of thesegilds, as merchant or commercial gilds, religious gilds, and others. 3 Turn. Anglo Sax.98; 3 Steph. Comm. 173, note u. See GILDA MEIICATORIA.A friborg, or decennary; called, by the Saxons, “gyldscipes.” and its members, “gildones”and “congildones.” Spelman.-GILD-HALL. See GUILDHALL.

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