What is FOLIO?

1. A leaf. In the ancient lawbooks it was the custom to number the leaves,instead of the pages; hence a folio would include both sides of the leaf, or two pages.The references to these books are made by the number of the folio, the letters “a” and”b” being added to show which of tbe two pages is intended; thus “Bracton, fol. 100a.”2. A large size of book, the page being obtained by folding the sheet of paper onceonly in the binding. Many of the ancient lawbooks are folios.3. In computing the length of written legal documents, the term “folio” denotes acertain number of words, fixed by statute in some states at one hundred.The term “folio,” when used as a measure for computing fees or compensation, or inany legal proceedings, means one hundred words, counting every figure necessarilyused as a word; and any portion of a folio, when in the whole draft or figure there isnot a complete folio, and when there is any excess over the last folio, shall becomputed as a folio. Gen. St. Minn. 1S78, c. 4,

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