What is FERRY?

A liberty to have a boat upon a river for the transportation of men, horses,and carriages with their contents, for a reasonable toll. The term is also used to designatethe place where such liberty is exercised. See New York v. Starin, 8 N. Y. St. Rep.655; Rroadnax v. Baker, 94 N. C. 081, 55 Am. Rep. G33; Einstnian v. Black, 14 111.App. 381; Chapelle v. Wells, 4 Mart (La. N. S.) 426.”Ferry” properly means a place of transit across a river or arm of the sea; but in lawit is treated as a franchise, and defined as the exclusive right to carry passengers acrossa river, or arm of the sea, from one vill to another, or to connect a continuous line ofroad leading from one township or vill to another. It is not a servitude or easement. Itis wholly unconnected with the ownership or occupation of land, so much so tliat theowner of the ferrv need not have any property in the soil adjacent on either side. (12 C.B

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