What is EX?

1. A Latin preposition meaning from, out of, by, on, on account of, or according to.2. A prefix, denoting removal or cessation. Prefixed to the name of an office, relation,status, etc., it denotes that the porsrn spoken of once occupied that office or relation,but does so no longer, or that he is now out of it. Thus, ex-mayor, ea–partner, exjudge.3. A prefix which is equivalent to “without.” “reserving,” or “excepting.” In this use.probably an abbreviation of “except.” Thus, c.r-interest. er-coupons.”A sale of bonds ‘ex. July coupons’ means a sale reserving the coupons; that is, asale in which the seller receives, in addition to the purchase price, the benefit of thecoupons, which benefit he may realize cither by detaching them or receiving from thebuyer an equivalent consideration.” Porter v. Wormser, 94 N. Y. 445.4. Also used as an abbreviation for “exhibit” See Dugan v. Trisler, 69 Ind. 555.

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