What is DOWER?

The provision wBich the law makes for a widow out of the lauds or tenementsof her husband, for her support and the nurture of her children. Co. Litt. 30a;2 Bl. Comm. 130; 4 Kent, Comm. 35; 1 Washb. Real Prop. 146; Chapin v. Hill, 1 R. I.452 ; Hill v. Mitchell, 5 Ark. 610; Smith v. Hines, 10 Fla. 258; Hoy v. Varner, 100 Va. 000. 42 S. E. 090.Dower is an estate for the life of the widow in a certain portion of the followiug realestate of her husband, to which she has not relinquished her right during the marriage:(1) Of all lands of which the husband was seised in fee during the marriage; (2) of alllands to which another was seised in fee tohis use; (3) of all lands to which, at the time of his death, he had a perfect equity,having paid all the purchase money therefor. Code Ala. 18S6,

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