What is D WHARF?

A perpendicular bank or mound “of timber, or stone and earth, raised on theshore of a harbor, river, canal, etc., or extending some distance into the water, for theconvenience of lading and unlading ships – and other vessels. Webster.O A broad, plain place near a river, canal, or other water, to lay wares on that arebrought to or from the water. Cowell.A wharf is a structure erected on a shore below high-water mark, and sometimesextending into the channel, for the laying vessels along-Tside to load or unload, and on which stores are often erected for the reception ofcargoes. Doane v. Broad Street Ass’n, 6 Mass. 3.32; Langdon v. New York, 93 N. Y.151; Dubuque v. Stout, 32 Iowa, 47; Geiger v. Pilor, 8 Fla. 332; Palen v. Ocean City,64 N. J. Law, 669, 46 Atl. 774.

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