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Confirmation of the charters. A statute passed in the 25 Edw. I., whereby the Great Charter is declared to be allowed as the common law; all judgments contrary to it are declared void; copies of it are ordered to be sent to all cathedral churches and read twice a year to the people; and sentence of excommunication is directed to be as constantly denounced against all those that, by word or deed or counsel, act contrary thereto or in any degree infringe it 1 Bl. Comm. 128. Conflrmatio est nnlla nbi donnm prse- cedens est invalidum. Moore, 764; Co. Litt. 205. Confirmation is void where the preceding gift is invalid. Conflrmatio omnes snpplet defectus, licet id quod actum est ab initio non valuit. Co. Litt. 2956. Confirmation supplies all defects, though that which had been done was not valid at the beginning.

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