What is CLOSE, N?

A portion of land, as a field, inclosed, as by a hedge, fence, or other visible Inclosure. 3 Bl. Comm. 209. The interest of a person in any particular piece of ground, whether actually inclosed or not. Locklin v. Casler, 50 How. Prac. (N. Y.) 44; Meade v. Watson, 67 Cal. 591, 8 Pac. 311; Matthews v. Treat. 75 Me. 600; Wright v. Bennett, 4 111. 258; Blakeney v. Blakeney, 6 Port. (Ala.) 115, 30 Am. Dec. 574. The noun “close,” in its legal sense, imports a portion of land inclosed, but not necessarily inclosed by actual or visible barriers. The invisible, ideal boundary, founded on limit of title, which surrounds every man’s land, constitutes it his close, irrespective of walls, fences, ditches, or the like. In practice. The word means termination ; winding up. Thus the close of the pleadings is where the pleadings are finished, i. c., when issue has been joined. CLOSE, adj. In practice. Closed or sealed up. A term applied to writs and letters, CLOSE 210 COAST as distinguished from those that are open or patent.

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