What is BOROUGH?

In English law. A town, a walled town. Co. Litt. 10S6. A town of note or importance; a fortified town. Cowell. An ancient town. Litt. 1C4. A corporate town that is not a city. Cowell. An ancient town, corporate or not, that sends burgesses to parliament. Co. Litt. 109a; 1 Bl. Comm. 114, 115. A city or other town sending burgesses to parliament. 1 Steph. Comm. 116. A town or place organized for local government A parliamentary borough is a town which returns oue or more members to parliament. In Scotch law. A corporate body erected by the charter of the sovereign, consisting of the inhabitants of the territory erected into the borough. Bell. In American law. In Pennsylvania, the term denotes a part of a township having a charter for municipal purposes; and the same is true of Connecticut. Southport v. Ogden, 23 Conn. 128. See, also, 1 Dill. Mun. Corp.

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