What is ARRAIGN?

In criminal practice. To bring a prisoner to the bar of the court to answer the matter charged upon him in the indictment. The arraignment of a prisoner consists of calling upon him by name, and reading to him the indictment, (in the English tongue,) and demanding of him whether he be guilty or not guilty, and entering his plea. Crain v. United States, 102 U. S. 625, 16 Sup. Ct. 952, 40 L. Ed. 1097; Early v. State, 1 Tex. App. 248, 268, 28 Am. Rep. 409; State v. Braunschweig, 36 Mo. 397; Whitehead v. Com., 19 Grat. (Va.) 640; United States v. McKnight (D. C.) 112 Fed. 982; State v. Hunter. 1S1 Mo. 316, 80 S. W. 955; State v. De Wolfe, 29 Mont. 415, 74 Pac. 1084. In old English law. To order, or set in order; to conduct in an orderly manner; to prepare for trial. To arraign an assise was to cause the tenant to be called to make the plaint, and to set the cause in such order as the tenant might be’enforced to answer thereunto. Litt

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