The act of choosing or selecting one or more from a greater number ofpersons, things, courses, or rights. The choice of an alternative. Slate v. Tucker, 54 Ala.210.The Internal, free, and spontaneous separation of one thing from another, withoutcompulsion, consisting In intention and will. Dyer, 281.The selection of one man from among several candidates to discharge certain dutiesin a state, corporation, or society. Maynard v. District Canvassers, 84 Mich. 228, 47 N.W. 756, 11 L. R. A. 332; Brown v. Phillips, 71 Wis. 239. 36 N. W. 242; Wickersham v.Brittan, 93 Cal. 34. 28 Pac. 792, 15 L. R. A. 106.The choice which Is open to a debtor who is bound in an alternative obligation toselect either one of the alternatives.In equity. The obligation imposed upon a party to choose between two inconsistentor alternative rights or claims, In cases where there Is clear intention of the personfrom whom he derives one that he should not enjoy both. 2 Story, Eq. Jur.

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