What is VERIFY?

To confirm or substantiate by oath ; to show to be true. Particularly used of making formal oath to accouuts, petitions, pleadings, and other papers. The word “verify” sometimes means to confirm and substantiate by oath, and some- times by argument. When used in legal proceedings it is generally employed In the former sense. De Witt v. Hosmer, 3 IIow. Prac. (N. Y.) 284. Veritas, a qnocnnque dicitnr, a Deo est. 4 Inst. 153. Truth, by whomsoever pronounced, is from God. Veritas demonstrationis tollit errorem nominis. The truth of the description removes an error in the name. 1 Ld. Raym. 303. Veritas habenda est in jnratore; justitia et judicium in judice. Truth is the desideratum in a juror; justice and judgment in a judge. Bract, fol. 1856. Veritas nihil veretnr nisi abscond!. Truth fears nothing but to be hid. 9 Coke, 206. Veritas nimium altercando amittitur. Truth is lost by excessive altercation. Hob. 344. Veritas, quae minime defensatur op- primitnr; et qui non improbat, appro- bat. 3 Inst. 27. Truth which is not sufficiently defended is overpowered; and he who does not disapprove, approves. Veritatem qui non llbere pronunciat proditor est veritatis. 4 Tnst. Rpil. He who does not freely spe&k the truth is a betrayer of truth.

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