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Should I Use TurboTax Freedom Edition?

These days, most American taxpayers choose to file their taxes online or with the help of professionally-designed computer software products. There are dozens of tax-filing programs that exist both in the cloud

How Do I File Taxes When I Am Paid Cash?

Whether you’re paid by payroll check, direct-deposit transfer, or cash, you’re legally obligated to pay federal and state income taxes. While some business owners choose to pay their employees in cash to

How Much Money Will I Get Back on My Taxes?

The size of your tax refund is determined by a breathtaking number of factors. It's important to remember that you're not necessarily entitled to a tax refund. While most workers who earn

What Is EEGTL Tax?

EEGTL Tax Overview EEGTL tax is paid by each individual member of an employer-sponsored group term life insurance plan. Like IRA, 401(k) or medical plan contributions, it is typically deducted from each

Need W-2 from Defunct Company

When a company goes out of business it has a number of responsibilities towards its employees regardless of how large or small it was.  One of the major responsibilities the company has

How To File Taxes When Separated or Divorced

IRS Publication 504 is the instructions booklet that covers tax filing status for Divorced or Separated Individuals, and is where one should go so that clarity occurs around what one’s marital status

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