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How To Handle Foreign Income Tax

Under various circumstances, United States taxpayers are expected to declare income earned abroad to the Internal Revenue Service. This is in addition to the tax code of the foreign jurisdictions where they

How To Calculate 263A

263A is shorthand for IRS Code Section 263A, and it details the rules used by business taxpayers to account for and capitalize their costs. Also known as UNICAP, or uniform capitalization, Section

Does California Have An Inheritance Tax?

While California does not have an inheritance tax, the state does have some special tax-related issues that affect beneficiaries. Some money gifted in death may be taxed, despite the lack of a

What Is a Forensic Audit?

While a forensic audit may sound like something exciting you hear about on crime dramas like Law and Order or CSI, the truth is a little more mundane. A forensic audit is

How Much Of My Social Security Benefit May Be Taxed

Generally, Social Security benefits are non-taxable or are partially taxable, depending on how much income the beneficiary receives from other sources. Social Security benefits will not form part of the beneficiary’s taxable

How to Update Federal Tax Tables

Federal Tax Tables refer to the guides that the IRS provides annually. These guides the taxpayers on the increase, increments, decrease or any adjustments implemented by the government on their taxes. The

How to Obtain a Tax ID Number for an Estate?

The tax identification number issued to an estate is the same tax identification number issued to juridical entities that are required to pay taxes such as businesses. This is referred to as

What Are IRS Imputed Interest Rules?

Have you ever loaned money to a friend or family member? And not the 20 or 50 dollars until Friday, but rather several thousand dollars that was used to purchase a home,

How Do I File Income Taxes for Selling on eBay?

If you regularly sell items on eBay, you might be confused about your tax obligations. Although such activity is undoubtedly commercial in nature, you might not know how you're required to categorize

What Is the Purpose of an EEGTL Tax?

If you've recently scrutinized your paycheck, you may have noticed a novel type of payroll tax: the so-called "EEGTL tax." If you're hit with this tax during a given pay period, you'll

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