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Practice taking a holistic view of complex phenomenon or events caused by a myriad of independent, isolated and often unpredicted forces and factors. All events are viewed as ‘wholes’ that interact according to system principles in patterns called system archetypes.

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In old English law. An umpire, or arbitrator. Ssepe constitutnm est, res inter alios judicatas aliis non prsejndicare. It has often been settled that matters adjudged be tween others ought not to prejudice those who were not parties. Dig. 42, 1, 03. Ssepe viatorem nova, non vetus, orbita fallit. 4 Inst. 34. A new road, not an old one, often deceives the traveler. Ssepenumero nbi proprietas verborum attenditnr, sensus veritatis amittitur. Oftentimes where the propriety of words is attended to, the true sense is lost Branch, Princ.; 7 Coke, 27.

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