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Conservatorship vs Guardianship

Learn the differences between conservatorships and guardianships and how they apply to the care of an incapacitated adult.

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Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Limits, Expenses & FAQ

FSA, also known as Flexible Spending Account, can be used to pay for copayments, deductibles, prescription drugs, and other healthcare expenses. Setting up an FSA can reduce your payroll taxes, but in most instances, you need to get one through your job and meet some minimum requirements.   What Is An FSA A Flexible Spending […]

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Marijuana: Recreational, Grow, & Medical Laws By State 2020

Each state has its own laws regarding the recreational use of marijuana, concentrates, paraphernalia, medicinal use, and cultivation. As of now, a total of 11 states have laws that make recreational use of marijuana legal. However, in some of these states, recreational use and growing are legal, but paraphernalia is still a felony. In 17 […]

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