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Lat. A master. Servus facit ut hems (Jet, the servant does [the work] in orderthat the master may give [him the wages agreed on.] Herus dat ut servus facit. themaster gives [or


This term, as used in variouscompound legal phrases, is sometimes merely an addition of dignity, not importing acomparison; but more generally it means exalted, either in rank or location, oroccupying a position


v. 1. To possess in virtue of a lawful title; as In the expression, common ingrants, “to have and to hold,” or in that applied to notes, “the owner and holder.”Thompson v.


A mansion-house. Dickinson v. Mayer, 11 Heisk. (Tenn.) 521.


A term applied in the civil law to cases where a law was repeated, orlaid down in the same terms or to the same effect, more than once. Cases of iterationand repetition.


In old English law. This was a test, in cases of accusation, byhot water; the party accused and suspected being appointed by the judge to put hisarms up to the elbows iu


A storm of great violence or intensity, of which the particularcharacteristic is the high velocity of the wind. There is naturally no exact measure todistinguish between an ordinary storm and a hurricane,


In old English law. The season for sowing winter grain, betweenMichaelmas and Christmas. The land on which such grain was sown. The grain itself ;winter grain or winter corn. Cowell.


An officer attached to an English county court. His duties are to attend the court when sitting; to serve summonses ; and to execute orders, warrants, writs, etc. St. 9 & 10


A term denoting the degree of relationship which exists between those who have the same father or the same mother, but not both parents in common


In English law. This was a court which exercised jurisdiction in prize cases, and had general jurisdiction in maritime causes, on the instance side. Its proceedings were usually in rem, and its


High crimes and misdemeanors are such immoral and unlawful acts as are nearly allied and equal in guilt to felony, yet, owing to some technical circumstance, do I not fall within the

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