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Nine Debt Collector Tactics That Violate The Federal Debt Collections Practices Act

The loss of a job, an unexpected illness or injury, or other common situation that people face in their lives everyday can put a strain on your finances. Anyone who has ever fallen behind in paying their bills has probably received a demand letter or threatening telephone call from their creditors. Creditors are entitled to […]

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No Fee If No Recovery: What Does This Mean?

“No fee if no recovery” is a phrase used by countless attorneys—particularly personal injury attorneys—in advertisements that are designed to attract new clients. While the phrase has proven popular, misconceptions about what it actually means often arise with the general public. “No fee if no recovery” is a payment arrangement also referred to as working […]

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How Can Personal Injury Lawyers Recover Case Fees If a Case is Lost?

Losing a case is never fun and most litigation lawyers will lose a case at some point in their careers. For lawyers who work in personal injury law, a lost case is not only demoralizing, it can also be a significant blow to their finances. Unlike many other types of lawyers, personal injury lawyers work […]

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