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How to Annul a Marriage as Peacefully and Easily as Possible

An annulment is like a divorce as two married people will no longer be married.  An annulment is not like a divorce as once the annulment is completed it is as if the couple was never married to begin with.  An annulment is like a divorce as there are legal activities that the couple needs […]

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How To File Taxes When Separated or Divorced

IRS Publication 504 is the instructions booklet that covers tax filing status for Divorced or Separated Individuals, and is where one should go so that clarity occurs around what one’s marital status is, as far as the IRS is concerned. The IRS takes your marital status as of 31-December of the tax year. If you […]

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Can My Ex-spouse File for Bankruptcy After Our Divorce?

Some ask why this person did not try to track the assets the soon-to-be ex-spouse is allegedly hiding. Hiding assets prior to filing for bankruptcy and failing to identify the existence of these assets during court proceeding is fraud and perjury under Federal Bankruptcy law. If one wants to make a tidal wave of bad […]

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