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Lat. In the Roman and civil law. A pound weight; and a coin originally weighing a pound, (called also “libra;”) divided into twelve parts, called “unciw.” Any integral sum, subject to division


An unlawful attempt or offer. on the part of one man, with force or violence, to inflict a bodily hurt upon another. An attempt or offer to beat another, without touching him;


In a general sense, denotes the process of ascertaining and adjusting the shares respectively to be contributed by several persons towards a common beneficial object according to the benefit received. In taxation.


A person to whom an assignment is made. Allen v. Pancoast, 20 N. J. Law, 74; Ely v. Com’rs, 49 Mich. 17, 12 N. W. 893, 13 N. W. 784. The term


In Scotch law. To acquit the defendant in an action; to find a criminal not guilty.


A total lack of intelligence, reason, or mental capacity. Sometimes so used as to cover imbecility or dotage, or even as applicable to all forms of insanity ; but properly restricted to


And see Peters v. Warren Ins. Co., 19 Fed. Cas. 370.


Are real, substantial and just damages, or the amount awarded to a complainant in compensation for his actual and real loss or injury, as opposed on the one hand to “nominal” damages,


In admiralty law, affirmative damages are damages which a respondent in a libel for injuries to a vessel may recover, which may be in excess of any amount which the libellant would


The time between the rising and setting of the sun; that is. day or daytime as distinguished from night.