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A phrase used by stock brokers,meaning that a sale of corporate stock does not carry with it the seller’s right to receivehis proportionate share of a dividend already declared aud shortly payable.

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A writ Issued from a court of appellate jurisdiction, directed to thejudge or judges of a court of record, requiring them to remit to the appellate courtthe record of an action before them, in whichD a final judgment has been entered, in order that examination may be made of certainerrors alleged to have been committed, and that the judgment may be reversed,corrected, or affirmed, as the case may require.QA writ of error is defined to be a commission by which the judges of one court areauthorized to examine a record upon which a judgment was given in another court,and, on such examination, to affirm or reverse the same, according to law. Cohens v.Virginia,H 6 Wheat. 409, 5 L. Ed. 257.

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