What is ELECTED?

The word “elected,” In Its ordinary signification, carries with it the idea ofa vote, generally popular, sometimes more restricted, and cannot be held the synonymof any other mode of filling a position. Magruder v. Swann, 25 Md. 213; State v.Harrison, 113 Ind. 434, 16 N. E. 384, 3 Am. St. Rep. 663; Kimberlin v. State. 130 Ind.120, 29 N. E. 773, 14 L. R. A. 85S, 30 Am. St. Rep. 208; Wickersham v. Rrittan, 93 Cal.34, 28 Pac. 792. 15 L. R. A. 106; State v. Irwin, 5 Nev. 111.Electio est interna libera et spontanea separatio unius rei ab alia, sine’ compnlsione,consistens in animo et voluntate. Dyer, 281. Election is an internal. free, andspontaneous separation of one thing from another, without compulsion, consisting inintention and will.Electio semel facta, ct placitum testatum non patitur regressnm. Co. Litt. 146.Election once made, and plea witnessed, suffers not a recall.

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