What Websites Offer Free Sample Exams for the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam?

If you aspire to be a licensed insurance agent, you'll need to spend a significant amount of time studying for your state's property and casualty insurance exam. While each state administers its own version of the exam, the subject matter is finite and easy to review. Even if you can't find a sample exam or practice-question book that covers the exam in your jurisdiction, it's likely that you'll be able to substitute practice exams from other states. However, you probably won't need to do this. Since the insurance industry welcomes hundreds of thousands of new agents, adjusters and actuaries each year, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the practice materials that apply to your state's exam.

Unless you live in a smaller state, you'll probably find dozens of websites that offer practice materials for your local exam. One of the best "prep aggregators" is the aptly-named testprepreview.com. This site offers a generalized online course that allows aspiring insurance agents to review key concepts at a significant discount to full-price test prep courses. In fact, testprepreview.com offers some of the sample questions and videos that accompany this course as part of a free introductory trial. While free-trial customers don't have access to all of the insight and information that paying customers receive, they're still treated to a wealth of insurance-related knowledge. If you're looking to study for your state's property and casualty insurance exam without breaking your budget, this is a great place to start.

You might also be able to find some free exam review materials and sample questions at studyguidezone.com. It's important to note that studyguidezone.com doesn't offer any free exam-prep courses. Rather, it offers a host of archived exam questions that might prove useful for last-minute review sessions. In fact, these questions are displayed prominently on the front page of studyguidezone.com's property and casualty insurance section. As soon as you conduct a search using the requisite keywords and click on studyguidezone.com's result, you'll be directed to the sample-question page without any further trouble.

If you find these resources to be inadequate or unhelpful, your home state's department of insurance might be able to help. Most state governments maintain extensive online archives of sample property and casualty insurance exam questions and other useful study materials. Since these questions are liable to be lifted directly from the applicable states' exams, they'll be even more relevant than the free questions at studyguidezone.com or testprepreview.com.

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