Trump Refusing To Pay Lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Another bill Trump refuses to pay. Who could have ever possibly predicted or seen this coming? (That’s sarcasm.) But, then again, I suppose former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani didn’t see it coming… somehow.

Giuliani spent the past few months traveling across the country on behalf of Trump. He’s filed suits with the Supreme Court (68 all told), spread conspiracy theories about the – now-infamous – stolen election, and was right by Trump’s side during the riot speech.

Last year Giuliani told The New York Times that he never asked Trump for a specific amount. He said, “The arrangement is we’ll work it out in the end.”

But, recently, reports have surfaced that Trump’s had reservations and concerns about some of the moves his lawyer has made on his behalf. But what made the split according to inside officials is Trump’s second impeachment.

Supposedly though not furious with Giuliani over being impeached a second time, Trump turns to his default form of punishment; defaulting on bills. Though no sources were named, for obvious reasons, this does feel particularly on-brand for Trump.

Two unnamed officials say that Giuliani was asking for $20,000 a day in fees and said Trump is refusing to pay. Though, again, Giuliani denied asking for $20,000 last year. In addition to outright refusal to pay, Trump has requested all of Giuliani’s reimbursement requests go directly to him before they’re paid.

The Times confirmed this report and added that White House officials were blocking Giuliani’s calls to Trump. No doubt to try to collect his fees before facing his own legal trouble.

With Trump’s track record of not paying taxes, bills, or workers, who could have ever seen this arrangement going sideways on Giuliani?

Meanwhile, John Eastman, the conservative lawyer who falsely told Trump that Pence could overturn or block the certification of Biden’s win could step in. Though we’re unsure if Trump’s wary of Eastman as well after the ill-given advice. However, Eastman has been retired from Chapman University where he worked as a professor.

On Wednesday they announced they had “reached an agreement pursuant to which [Eastman] will retire from Chapman, effective immediately.”

So, with Eastman effectively – although forcibly – freed up from his prior engagements, he could be free to join the team for the impeachment trials. Providing Trump pays his legal fees in advance, I assume.

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