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Process For Receiving Unemployment When Moving To Another State

Process For Receiving Unemployment When Moving To Another State

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I am collecting unemployment from one state, but plan on moving to another state. Can I continue to receive my unemployment checks in the new state? Here is the process for receiving unemployment when moving to another state.

“Check State Regulations”

Unemployment compensation money is disbursed by the federal government and managed by the state governments. The states have their own eligibility rules and handle the applications. When moving, check the regulations for both states.

The good news is that most unemployment benefits can simply be sent to another address. The amount you are due may change and you might need to fill out more paperwork, but you are still entitled to your unemployment check even after you move. Unemployment is based on the work you performed.

First, you should fill out the United States Postal Service (USPS) change of address mailing form a couple of weeks before you leave. You will need to list your former and future addresses. This will cover any unemployment checks that will be sent before you make the actual move.

Next, you should contact the state you’re leaving by phone or email. Just confirm that you are leaving the state and give them your forwarding address. This is a good backup plan just in case anything is missed.

Make sure you bring all of your information from your last employer for at least the past three years, like your:

  • Phone number
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Pay stubs

Since this job was in the previous state, it is important that you retain all relevant records in case there are problems. Of course, keep all your unemployment benefits tracking numbers, Social Security numbers, and documents for reference.

Unemployment When Moving To Another State

How To Check For Unemployment Eligibility

“Visit New State Unemployment Office”

When you reach the new state, you should check out its unemployment website. Also, you might want to make a physical to the new state’s labor office to ensure that all is in order. Talking to a live government representative will give you the best results. There should be forms you can complete to ensure you receive your unemployment check promptly.

Each state has its own eligibility rules for unemployment benefits, so it is possible that the check amount could be changed. Some states require you to file a new claim within 90 days of moving to the new location. It might take a couple of weeks for the new state to update its records.


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