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List of airlines that are currently bankrupt?

Direct Air filed for bankruptcy in March 2012. American Airlines filed for bankruptcy in November 2011, but continues to operate. All told there have been 189 airline bankruptcy filings in America since 1990. For the most part, airlines do not go bankrupt because they have run out of money. It is usually because the airline […]

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How long will it take to settle from a car accident if I have a lawyer?

How long will it take for the insurance company and me/my lawyer to come to an agreement on a settlement? To answer this question, there are many layers to drill down through. There are several online sites that walk through the beginning timeline of notifying your insurance company, collecting whatever detailed information you can. … […]

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How long after a judgment from a creditor before they start to garnish your wages?

In reality, a garnishment can begin as soon as the garnishment order is given to an employer, or bank, or other asset holder, and the required documentation by the employer or bank or asset-holder is ready for execution. Texas prohibits garnishment of pay. It is currently the only state that does so. However, once the […]

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