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Obtaining A Puerto Rican Birth Certificate

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People born in Puerto Rico live in many different countries. Recently, Puerto Ricans have discovered that some American states no longer accept their original birth certificate. The Puerto Rican Birth Certificate is important for travel, school and employment. Here are tips on obtaining a new Puerto Rican Birth Certificate.

Vital Identification Records

Due to shoddy storage of the original paper Puerto Rican Birth Certificates, some were stolen or misplaced. There were many reports of identity fraud from con artists getting hold of old Puerto Rican Birth Certificates. This identity theft lead to some American states rejecting the original birth certificates.

If you need a new Puerto Rican Birth Certificate, you should start by visiting the official Puerto Rico Department of Health (Demographic Registry of Puerto Rico) government website. The suffix will be “.gov” for a government agency. Check there to determine which birth certificate web sites are government-sponsored. Your birth information is confidential and can be used to cause a lot of trouble if it gets in the wrong hands.

In 2009, the government of Puerto Rico enacted Law 191 to combat fraud, protect identity and ensure the integrity of birth certificates. Working with the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Puerto Rico is issuing new, modern versions, which can be accessed from the Vital Statistics Record Office.

People born in Puerto Rico must note that birth certificates “before” and “after” the date of September 30, 2010 will be drastically different. The new Puerto Rican Birth Certificates have better features to prevent identity fraud. Those who have a specific need for the Puerto Rican Birth Certificate can apply to the government or government-sponsored organizations for their copy.

The government site is only the starting place, it will help you identify potential government-sponsored sites where you can order your new Puerto Rican Birth Certificate. Expect to pay a processing, merchant and government fee. You can also add an expedited fee for faster processing.

Getting Puerto Rican Birth Certificate Online

Once you have the list of reputable government-sponsored issuers of your birth certificate, you can view the information on their sites. The Puerto Rico Department of Health has sponsored a number of companies, which have over 25 years of providing Puerto Rican Birth Certificates. They can process your request via phone, fax or email.


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