Looking up my Criminal Record

Most of the websites to look up your criminal record do charge for this service.

Perhaps the best place to go to request a criminal records check is the FBI website. Go to the About Us tab and look for the option to do a criminal history check. It is the best option because the FBI collects information from all levels of government such as city, county, and state in addition to federal charges. This way you can get your criminal record from one source instead of contacting multiple agencies.

The FBI collects information through fingerprints that are taken and submitted to the FBI database at the time of arrest. Details in the report include the arresting agency, date of the arrest, the criminal charges filed, and the results of the case.

When requesting a copy of your criminal record, you must submit a written request directly to the FBI. The FBI website provides detailed instructions, the address, and a short application.

You must have your fingerprints taken at a local law enforcement agency and send the fingerprint card with your application. Provide a credit card number or submit a check or money order with the application. Include your contact information where you would like to receive the report or if the FBI has any questions about completing the search.

The FBI advises that the report can take five to six weeks to arrive. In addition, the report is only as accurate as the information they receive from the arresting agency.

One of the popular websites to start with is www.DMV.org. You just type in your name and your state. The site provides a list of people with your name and their ages. Click on the one you think is you. Next, choose a report to purchase. Choose the option that says background report as it provides information in several categories including a criminal check.

PCWorld Magazine recommends the website www.criminalsearches.com. All you do is type in your name and state. There is an option to choose all states. When the results appear, click on view details and you will have several report options to choose from. The one you want is the background report as that is the only choice that includes a criminal check.

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