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When someone is interested in finding the best insurance company for home, health, life, auto, long term care, or any other category, one good avenue is as close as having access to the Internet. What once would have taken weeks to research in a paper-only environment, today’s electronic age can provide all of that research, and more, in a matter of seconds. But, once someone has this mountain of information; how does he find the best company for his personal needs? For example, which major medical conditions does a health insurance company cover, what are the co-payment requirements, what are the out of pocket limitations, can the policy holder select a doctor or is there a requirement to use in-network providers for visits to be covered? The answers to these questions and more can generally be found on an insurance company’s website. When someone wants to buy insurance but does not know which companies provide a certain category of insurance; having a list of online US insurance companies can be a big help.

The most informative list of available insurance companies, by insurance category, can be found at: The website lists insurance companies from A to Z by name and then sub-categorizes these firms into their specialties, such as Health insurance, Medicare coverage, Travel insurance and more.

To research a company’s services and policies, someone clicks on a company’s name and the company’s wiki page comes up with the company’s direct website information. Someone clicks on the website link and all the information about the insurance company is available. The company’s home page can also be beneficial by providing information about all of the services available, how someone can get a quote, how to contact the company for more details, and what the company’s insurance rating is.

When comparing companies to do business with, a prospective buyer will want to know how insurance rating agencies have rated the companies. Insurance ratings inform individuals about the financial health of an insurance carrier and whether a company has the financial means to fulfill their obligations on insurance policies.

There are a number of public, private and non-profit organizations that review and analyze insurance companies. Two major rating agencies are Standards and Poor’s and A.M. Best. The rating scale ranges from a very best at AAA to a moderate CC and can help someone decide on which company to engage.

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