How to Write a Legal Inter-Office Memorandum for your Employer

An inter-office memorandum is a document that is forwarded to several offices informing them of a certain issue, policy, solution, decision, recommendation or event. It is usually a document bearing information that each addressee or offices are concerned with.

Writing an inter-office legal memorandum is easy. You may refer to the following pointers in writing said memorandum:

  1. Frame the topic in a way that all offices concerned will immediately understand what the memorandum is all about. The topic must not be more than 10 words and must be kept concise and clear.
  2. Frame the heading of the Memorandum. The heading refers to the persons or offices to whom the Memorandum is addressed to. The heading also includes the office or person who sent said Memorandum.
  3. The heading must answer the questions what, when, where and
  4. Draft the body of the Inter-Office Memorandum. If your office follows a particular format in writing a memorandum, then you must adhere to said format.

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