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How To Replace A Lost Green Card

People who are non-residents of the United States must obtain green cards when they are issued a permanent resident status in the U.S. Green cards are designed to register and classify immigrants in the U.S. and help the U.S. enforce security. It is the law for all green card holders to carry their green cards with them at all times, just as it is the law for U.S. citizens to have their IDs with them at all times. Therefore, if green card holders lose their green cards, they need to get them replaced as soon as possible to be in compliance with federal regulations and to prove that they pursued the appropriate channels to be in the country legally, so they won’t be deported.

<h1>USCIS Form I-90</h1>

Obtain and complete Form I-90, which can be found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services official website. Form I-90 is the application to replace a permanent resident card. This application is not only used to replace lost green cards but to replace stolen, damaged or destroyed ones. Fill out the application completely and submit it along with the $450 fee to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The $450 fee is composed of a $365 filing fee in addition to a $85 biometrcis fee. Applicants must also submit some form of photo ID along with their applications.


After applying for a new green card, applicants will be sent fingerprinting appointments in the mail to get fingerprinted again. They can expect to receive their appointments several weeks after submitting their applications. It is essential that they attend their fingerprinting appointments. If they need to reschedule them, it is imperative that they do so following the instructions provided with their appointment forms. Applicants the miss their fingerprinting appointments will most likely have their applications denied. While they can apply for another green card again, they will have to pay the fee again as well.

<h1>Temporary Proof</h1>

In the meantime, immigrants should obtain temporary proof that they are permanent residents of the United States. They can do so by scheduling appointments with their local immigration field offices. By showing them documentation that they have applied for a lost green card, they can receive an I-551 stamp in their passports that proves that they are U.S. permanent residents.

Replacing a lost green card is essential to staying in the country legally. Immigrants who lose their green cards should waste no time in replacing them.