How To Pass A Fiance Visa Interview At The Us Embassy

The interview at the U.S. Embassy is frequently the most harrowing part of the process of getting a visa for a fiancé. However, those who prepare and are upfront about their intentions for getting a fiancé visa have little reason to worry. Learning more about the interview can help you be more prepared and less nervous.

Leading Up to the Interview

Timeliness is important with visa petitions. The overseas fiancé must complete Form DS-160, which can be obtained at the U.S. State Department website, and submit it online just after receiving instructions to do so. Also, be aware that the consulate will be looking into the overseas fiance’s criminal background by making contact with each place they have lived since they were 16 years old. A criminal background check that reveals certain arrests or convictions may result in denial of the application.

Getting Ready for Questions

Both the overseas fiancé and their U.S. citizen partner should spend some time reviewing the submitted application in detail. Many of the questions that will be asked in the interview will be drawn directly from the information on these forms. Accordingly, the foreign fiancé should be able to answer questions about their background, about their fiancé, about their relationship and about their wedding. Common questions about the fiancé, which may be asked of either party, may include queries about their occupation, living arrangements, family and previous relationships. Relationship questions may include details about when and how the couple first met, any shared hobbies, travel experiences and meeting each other’s family. Most of these questions won’t pose a problem for anyone who is genuinely invested in a relationship with their fiancé. Still, nerves can make it difficult to recall details, so it doesn’t hurt to discuss memories and experiences before attending the interview.

At the Interview

The fiancé who intends to immigrate should arrive at the consulate well before the appointed time, and should bring all documents that have been requested. Most applicants will learn immediately whether or not their visa has been approved. The immigrant will be given a sealed envelope that contains many documents submitted during the application process. It is very important that the fiancé not open this envelope. Instead, it should be given to the U.S. border patrol officer for review. If the seal has been broken, the officer may suspect tampering and the visa process may have to be repeated.

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