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How to Have Your Student Loan Forgiven/Dismissed

Surprising, or not, the “trick” to this “forgiving – dismissal” of a person’s student loan is for the person to have been wrongly allowed to have the loan in the first place.  One of the people who was relating his experience with this situation apparently (or allegedly) attended college fully, graduated, and then, somehow, the error was uncovered, and the loan eradicated as if it had never occurred.  Yet, the person retained the degree, essentially getting the proverbial “free ride” as a part of the error made by this government agency.

In one scenario where student loans were being forgiven the reasons for the student loan dismissals was that the school had closed.  In this case, even though neither fraud nor anything illegal occurred, after the student loan balance had been forgiven, the money that the student or loan payer paid in to repay whatever portion of the loan was also paid back to the payer.

Several other reasons were listed by sites and experts:  being a full-time teacher at a low-income elementary or high-school, being illegally or fraudulently involved or dealt with during the loan, or being totally or permanently disabled with the loan being an extraordinary burden. Prior to 2010 being a full-time civil liberties assistance attorney (along with some other requirements) potential allowed some to have their student loans partially forgiven, but the money for the program has been used up and the program was closed in 2010.

The illegal or fraudulent actions of either a school or a student loan company would allow the filing for the dismissal of the loan.  These actions were:

  • Someone lied when certifying the student’s ability to get a reasonable, successful result from the planned education;
  • Someone signed the name of the student without that student’s permission and authorization;
  • Someone, likely the school or loan company, illegally denied the return of a tuition payment or refund;

Being a teacher at a low-income elementary or high-school full-time would potentially get a year’s forgiveness for a year of teaching.  Some high-up school official would have to certify the person’s attendance as a teacher at each school the person claimed.

Being a veteran or being fully disabled warranted a forgiveness of the balance of one’s student loan.  The military or one’s doctor would be the person who would have to certify that the loan owner was actually afflicted as stated.

In each of these cases a form would have to be filled out by the student or former student where the details of the situation would be written down.  If it was necessary that some other person or group certify that the conditions being stated were actually correct, the filled out form would have to be given to that certifying person, get that person’s information and signature, then get the filled out form to the proper agency or contact.  From there it was just a matter of time and concurrence that conditions of the filing were met and that the student – former student is truly entitled to the dismissal, forgiven loan, and possible refunds.


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